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Dearest visitor:

Welcome to CAMPAMENTO ECOLOGICO CHINAMPAS´ WEB page. In this site, you'll find all the information you require in order to have a wonderful summer vacation, learning about nature in a friendly atmosphere with other girls and boys of your age.

"Campamento Ecológico Chinampas" is special because it is situated in a region with a lot of Mexican history and tradition, such as the "Altos de Jalisco". It is located in the surroundings of the Hacienda de Chinampas, which building dates from 1760. It is a breeding farm that has belonged to the same family since it was built.


Because mankind seems to have forgotten our world's care, it is important that new generations know about it, it's nature and how to keep an ecological wealth.

In the Camp we try to make campers to get in touch with nature, and learn to love and respect it by there own conviction.

The Camp's ambience lets young ones develop their creativity and natural instincts, by performing the interesting programs designed for them. We worry also that the campers learn teamwork. At Chinampas, cooperation takes the place of the ordinary and intense competition found in ordinary urban life. An effort is made so the kids not only are served, but also that they learn to serve and work.

Always guided and supervised, of course, by a complete councilor's team, who will guarantee the perfect physical and moral wealth of the campers.

Meanwhile you decide what to do next summer vacation, we have prepared this Web page for you. In it, you will find complete information respecting the Camp, which I'm sure will amaze you. I suggest you not to loose the picture menu.


Fore any other matter, feel free to contact me for any further information or personal interview at


Thank you for your time and we look forward to see you soon at Chinampas.






Your host "AMIGOS",




Picture taken in 1997 summer camp.